Why you Need an Author Website

Your probably going to ask why you need an author website before your book is even published. The simple answer is that your website is an invaluable tool. It is also your online calling card.

Having a website gives your book a professional image. A website is also the place where you own the content. You don’t need to worry about site changes, or your content disappearing.

Dazzling author web site in WordPress
Dazzling author web site in WordPress

Marketing Your Book

An author website is key to marketing your book. Although social media is good, such as Facebook, a website enables you to communicate information about your book to your readers, including where to purchase it.

Share Details About Your Book

You can use your website in a number of ways to share details about your book. This helps build momentum and excitement about your book, so that when it’s released, you will already have a group of people ready to buy.

“About the Book” Page on Author Website

The easiest and most visible place to display your book information is on an “About the Book” page. Include the basics, such as the cover image, the synopsis, and links for purchase.

It you have already gathered reviews from readers, or professional outlets, you can display those on your “About the Book” page as well.

Blog on Author Website

Unlike your “About the Book” page, which is static, your blog is dynamic. This means it is constantly changing as you add more content to your website. Your can publish blog posts regularly that go in-depth about your book. These posts could include what inspired you to write your book, interesting research you did. Sharing behind the scenes information about your book helps to generate reader interest. It also gives you the opportunity to connect with readers on a deeper level. A Contact page is another way to encourage readers to connect with you.

Links to Sales Pages

Your website should provide links to buy your book. When people visit your website you want to make it easy for them to purchase your book. Include all available places to buy your book, whether it’s a personal sales page, or a third-party retailer, such as Amazon or Barnes & Noble.

An Author Website is an Essential Tool

Your website is you “live” online. Your website helps readers know who you , what you write, why you write. It’s a way to establish your brand, connect with readers and tell them about your books. It’s a place for your tribe to gather, so you can grow that tribe. In other words, it’s the place you invite readers to visit to connect with you.

Even if you have an active following on Twitter or Facebook, these are not your home base. Why is that? Because you don’t own them, or control the content. Think of your website as your home, your kitchen, or living room and entities like Facebook as the local Starbucks. You could meet someone for coffee, or you could invite them to your home. Although it’s fun to connect with people at the local Starbucks, you have no control over the environment. What if there’s no tables available, or people at the next table are very loud. Whereas, at your home you have more control over the environment.

Your website and blog are your home base. You need an author website, so you can have a place to invite your readers, let readers get to know you, get in touch with you and invite others to do the same.

WordPress for your Website

We recommend WordPress for your author website. It is a powerful and flexible tool. Blue Crab Books has created many websites in WordPress. In fact, we are experts in creating websites in WordPress.

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