How to Prepare Your Manuscript for eBook Conversion

If you want to publish your manuscript to an eBook, you will need to prepare your manuscript for eBook conversion.

How to prepare your manuscript for eBook conversion
How to prepare your manuscript for eBook conversion

Preparing Your Manuscript for eBooks

There are two major formats in the book publishing industry, ePub and Mobi. EPub is compatible with most eReaders, whereas Mobi is the format for Amazon’s Kindle. Mobi is also a reflowable file format.

Reflowable File Formats

Reflowable file formats are best for books that contain mostly text content and have a straightforward layout. This means you can read them on all eBook reading devices and apps. The content will “reflow” based on your reading device, or software. Formatting may change, depending on the personal settings of your reader. Consequently, the type of books that are typically converted to reflowable format are novels, fiction and non-fiction books.

Fixed-Layout File Formats

Unlike standard eBook files, fixed layout eBooks can retain the same page layout and design as print books. As a result, illustrated children’s books, travel guides, photography books, health and fitness, art books and comic books are converted to fixed layout. 

Use Word for Your Manuscript

Type your manuscript in Word and then do a quality check as follows:

  • Use Word’s built-in spellcheck and grammar tools
  • Proofread your file manually. This is because the spellcheck may not catch every error
  • Track changes should be turned off
  • Do NOT include the cover image file with your manuscript file
  • Do NOT use page numbers, headers and footers for reflowable formats because they do not apply for this format.

Preparing your Manuscript to ePub or Mobi

When you are finished with your Word file, Blue Crab Books will prepare your manuscript for eBook conversion, to EPub or Mobi file format for publishing. This means we’ll take care of converting, formatting and publishing your manuscript for you.

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