Book Marketing

The truth is that writing your book isn’t enough. Also, putting it on a bookshelf isn’t enough either. You have to find a way to grab your readers attention, so that they pick up or download your book. Blue Crab Books helps authors with book marketing and how to promote their book. We do this through social media ads for authors.

Book marketing on social media
Using social media to market books

When to Use Social Media Platforms for Book Marketing

As soon as you have published your book, it’s time to start marketing. Use the world’s largest social media platforms to promote your book to readers. Let Blue Crab Books create eye catching ads for Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. We can also create YouTube banners for your YouTube channel to attract readers.

Advertising on Social Media Helps Authors Promote Books

Today, many authors from all genres are enjoying enormous sales by advertising their books on social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube. This means social media advertising can be a powerful tool for self-published authors that want to promote their books and build relationships with their readers. Set up your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram accounts now.

Blue Crab Books can help you tap into Facebook and Instagram’s enormous user base with your own ads posted on these platforms.

Why Social Media Works for Book Marketing

About 1.47 billion people are active on Facebook every day. As a result, Facebook is the world’s most popular social platform. Each person on Facebook shares their information, their likes, favorite books, brands and much more. This information allows book marketers to target people most likely to buy your book.

Advertising on Facebook and Instagram gives authors the power to attract, engage and understand their readers. It can be a book marketer’s dream come true. Let Blue Crab Books do your book marketing for you.

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