About Us

Welcome to Blue Crab Books. You will find that we are passionate about books! This means we love nothing more than to work on books and help authors publish books. We are a U.S. based company, near Washington, D.C. However, since we work online we have author clients all over the world.

Creating and Publishing a Book Today

Let’s face it, creating a book and promoting it these days is no easy task. Besides the writing, you must know many details associated with how to successfully publish and market a book. This can be pretty confusing and time consuming. Not to mention, you have to be an expert in book editing, book formatting, book cover design, web design, web creation and social media marketing to be a successful author. If you decide to self publish your book on Amazon you will need to understand more about publishing a print book versus an ebook on Kindle. You will also need to know more about formatting your book and creating a killer book cover design as well.

Help Authors Publish Books

That’s why we decided to assist authors with the process of editing, publishing and marketing books. We’ve done this many times, so we can walk you through the process, or do it for you. As a result, you can focus on the writing, while we do everything else you need to publish and promote your book. ┬áThis includes editing, proofing, formatting, book cover design, creating an author website and doing social media marketing for your book.

We have professionals on staff that have decades of experience at book formatting, editing, publishing, graphic design and social media marketing. We also have web designers and web content writers to get your author website up and running. You decide which service, or services are right for you and you only pay for what you need.

We know that you haven’t made your first million yet, but we’ll do our best to get you there. Our professional services are affordable. Blue Crab Books charges much less than most competitors for similar services.

It would be our pleasure to help authors publish books.Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions. We’ll do our utmost to answer your questions and assist you to the best of our ability.

The Blue Crab Books Team

Editor helping author with book
Editor helping author with book